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The world’s first all-in-one training solution for IRONMAN® Triathletes Of All Abilities.

The membership puts your expert dream team right in the palm of your hand, keeping you on track and moving towards peak performance.

Membership $90/month


Your dream team is always there for you right in the palm of your hand.

Each Athlete has a personal coach , nutritionist, strength training expert and concierge to maximize your understating of the program.


Complete adaptive training for IRONMAN Triathletes, includes all swim, bike & run sessions plus mindset development, recovery & nutrition with flexibility to adapt to your everyday lifestyle trends.


Daily tracking of your all your key health & performance markers.

Track your sleep, fatigue levels, moods and improvements with stats covering training, recovery, mindset and performance.


Proprietary library of technique skills, workouts and tutorials, to help you get the most out of your holistic training experience.


Daily tracking of your all your key health & performance markers.

Track your sleep, fatigue levels, moods and improvements with stats covering training, recovery, mindset and performance.


Proprietary library of technique skills, workouts and tutorials, to help you get the most out of your holistic training experience.


TRAINING EXPERT: Your custom program will be built by your certified training experts and based on your events, goals, available time and training stats.

NUTRITIONIST: Your nutritionist will dial in your daily food and race day fueling strategy, ensuring that you get to the start line, lean, strong and ready to perform.

STRENGTH TRAINER: Build the ultimate YOU with our strength, core, flexibility and recovery techniques designed for the IRONMAN Triathlete.

CONCIERGE: Regular data monitoring of all your training and lifestyle stats will keep you on track and injury-free. Knowledge is power and your concierge will keep you in the loop.



Built by Olympic Gold medalists, world champions and their advisors, The IRONMAN Training Companion is the perfect marriage of technology with the human touch.

PERSONAL: With our human-in-the-loop architecture, you are never far away from a helping hand and some practical advice.

ADAPTIVE: The IRONMAN Training Companion adapts to your available time, energy and lifestyle on a daily basis. It re-calibrates when you travel, are tired or too busy to workout.

HOLISTIC: Attention to your sleep, active recovery & nutrition practices will help strengthen your immune system to support not only performance gains but lifelong health of body and mind.

ANALYTICAL: Our technology provides comprehensive analytics of all your training and lifestyle stats. Accurate training + optimal recovery = peak performance in sport and life.


Experience what The IRONMAN Training Companion can do for you. Faster racing, deeper sleep, quicker recovery, better health..

“Competing at the top of your game means having everything aligned just right. From your training to your recovery, your nutrition, and mindset. They are all interlinked and with IRONMAN Training Companion they are always in perfect sync. Hitting the numbers required to win is one thing but that’s useless if you can’t stay injury-free and motivated.” LEANDA CAVE - 4 x World & IRONMAN Champion

“Triathlon training is not just about swimming, biking and running. It’s about tracking your health, fitness and your mental freshness. PKRS.AI has incorporated this really really well. It’s a one-stop-shop that contains everything and is individually catered to everyone’s needs.”

JAN FRODENO – Olympic Gold & 3 x IRONMAN World Champion


Compatible with all Smartwatches and IOS and Android phones

Membership $90/Month

CONTACT US for any question



Is the app available in other languages (german, spanish, french...)

Currently we are only available in English

Is there a laptop/desktop version of IRONMAN Training Companion?

Currently we are only a mobile app .


How do I purchase a subscription?

Simply chat with your concierge inside the app


How do I log a non-prescribed workout?

Simply use the new “add a custom workout” feature on the PLAN page.

Can I increase/decrease my training volume in a given workout?

In your PLAN page select the workout you wish to perform, click PREP and the SCALE for more to receive more training volume, scale for less to receive less training volume or alternative to if you are away from the equipment needed to perform the workout.

Can I amend my program?

Yes. On the PLAN mode go to the WEEK page, click “edit” and drag and drop the workout to the desired day. Try to do this PRIOR to doing the session so that the smartwatch data sync with the correct workout.

What happens if I miss a workout?

It happens! If its a Test workout you can always let your concierge team know.

Am I supposed to do all A, B, C workouts?

A workouts are a “must”, B add more volume and refined stimulus and C are the icing on the cake. This is based on your available time and your fatigue/stress levels. You’ll want to prioritize your A workouts and if time B and C.

Is the app right for me if I’m coming back from an injury?

Yes the program is adaptive and custom to you and will help you build back your fitness level while monitoring for potential sources of injury.

Where can I see the rest intervals and finer details of each prescribed workout?

From the PLAN view you will be able to see each workout. You’ll want to then PREP each workout to receive more details regarding pace, intensity and rest intervals.

Why is there no data on my STATS screens in the app?

STATS works best after 5-7 days of you answering your morning check-in questions, doing training sessions and debriefing workouts.

What does the % and assessment of my Training score on my STATS page mean?

This is a summary of the total load on your body from training intensity, volume, duration, and life stress. Depending on the period of training we will look for different scores but mostly we want a balanced reading (<50%> range) with occasional Heavy readings (<75%>) when peaking and some light periods (<25%>) when recovering or in a light phase.

What does the % and assessment of my Recovery score on my STATS page mean?

This is a summary of how well you are absorbing training and life in general. We want high % scores showing 7hrs+ of high-quality sleep per night with low to moderate general fatigue and muscular fatigue scores to get OPTIMAL ratings when possible.


How do I set my training zones?

Within the first few weeks of your custom training program, you will do field test sessions per sport to help set optimal training zones. The concierge team will review your data and set your zones in your athlete profile. If you have Lab data please share this with your concierge

Can I adjust my zones?

You can chat with your concierge to adjust your zones


If I don’t have a Smart watch or Strava can I still use the app?

Yes, but our users report the best experience when using a smart watch with heart-rate compatibility. However you can still complete all of the workouts and log your performance. You can use the training videos in the tools library and track your lifestyle stats.


How often can I expect a response?

Your team will check from messages in CHAT at least once per day.

Do I get to choose my team of experts?

No. All experts are qualified and certified to meet our high standard of service and knowledge. The Peakers coaching brain is the product of multiple minds that have won and coached at the Olympic and World Championship level.

Can I share my food log with my nutritionist?

You can send your daily food log via chat to your nutritionist.

Can I request a custom meal plan?

On all programs you will receive daily meal suggestions based off of your selections in your athlete profile. These selections are currently MEAT & FiSH/ VEGETARIAN/ VEGAN. They are also based on the day’s workout intensity. You will also get a fuelling prescription per workout that is specific to the workout intensity and your bodyweight. Remember, you can always chat with your nutritionist to refine your diet and fuelling plan to help you lose of gain weight, prepare for race or solve digestive issues.


The iconic IRONMAN® Series of events is the largest participation sports platform in the world. Since the inception of the IRONMAN® brand in 1978, athletes have proven that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE® by crossing finish lines at the world’s most challenging endurance races. Beginning as a single race, The IRONMAN Group has grown to become a global sensation with more than 230 events across 57 countries.


With a diverse background from Private Equity, Venture Capital, SpaceX, Rocket Internet or other data-driven start-ups, the PKRS.AI. Team also comprises of 10 World Championships and 1 Olympic Gold Medalist. Proudly based in Los Angeles, PKRS.AI is supported by a global investor base aligned to transform human performance.